I really tend to like my last minute shoots lately. This one was planned, shot, edited, and printed in 6 hours. 

I was in a little bit of a rut, since because of unforeseen circumstances I needed to produce a shoot from scratch in just one afternoon for my Wednesday class. At around 3:30 PM I came to the kitchen of the dorm I’m an R.A. at (I swear, I don’t bite) and one of my lovely residents Dia Donnelly offered to model for me right away.  Liah Roebuck, who’s a fashion design major at AAU offered to style it. In under 30 minutes we put a few quick looks together and we cabbed over to the beach as we only had about an hour of light left. After getting a few shots, a park ranger pulled up in his car asking for my permit. Many times I’ve heard of my classmates pulling the “I’m an art student” card, so I didn’t hesitate to do the same. The ranger was kind enough not to fine me and I managed to steal a few shots before we all evacuated from that awesome place. I continued to shoot right Outside of the “national park” until right after sunset.

Man, was it fun. 

Let’s do it again!

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